Albert Liguori

It’s all about … light, color… illuminations either natural or created by man…horizons, sunsets, twilight…capturing the essence of natural surroundings, the energy of cityscapes, uncovering the raw beauty that’s within each subject leaving nothing behind.
As a radiation therapist working with cancer patients on a daily basis, Al Liguori has come to recognize the true meaning of “life is short.” His outlook on life is one of appreciation and finding joy in simple things. “When I take photos, I try to suck the life out of everything I see through the lens. Nothing is left behind. I reveal beauty, detail, light, spirit and soul. When I happen to catch the soul of my subject through the lens, I have a way of exposing it in its simplest form.”
“A viewer’s emotional response to my photography is what interests me most; seeing a photograph for the first time and watching their facial expressions, whether they be feelings of awe, happiness, confusion or even sadness. But the greatest pleasure of all is, of course, bringing smiles to the faces of the people who view my work.”